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We provide services to aviation insurance companies, law firms, aviation/aerospace companies, educational institutions, and professional organizations 


  • We specialize in detailed and complex accident and wreckage reconstruction, which includes ...

    • Airframe and powerplant systems failure analysis

    • Component/system ground and flight testing

    • In-flight breakups and mid-air collisions

    • Crashworthiness and survivability

    • In-flight and post-impact fires

    • Explosion analysis

    • Aircraft maintenance issues

    • FAA regulations and certification requirements

    • Aircraft support vehicles and equipment accidents

    • Interactions between person/machine/environment

    • Drones/unmanned aerial vehicles

  • Air safety education and research

  • Patent infringement issues


2118 N. Tyler, Bldg. B, Suite 102

Wichita, Kansas 67212


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We understand both the science and art of aircraft accident investigation (AAI), and that most crashes and failures don't conveniently come with "black boxes." In other words, along with satisfying scientific methodologies, a unique blend of actual "hands-on" engineering, maintenance, piloting, and field investigation experience is required to (i) effectively piece together all available evidence concerning the person, machine, and environment; (ii) know how to "read" the wreckage; (iii) be innovative and creative enough to affordably analyze or test for potential causes and contributing factors within a reasonable timeframe, and (iv) clearly articulate what happened in a way that's easy to understand. Years of being both true aviators and teachers make us very effective experts. 

In addition to our comprehensive AAI services, we offer AAI training and research to colleges, professional associations, and aviation companies. We've provided these services to Wichita State University's Aerospace Engineering Department, Boeing, National Institute of Aviation Research (Wichita, KS), Lewis University's Aviation Department (Romeoville, IL), Professional Aircraft Maintenance Association, and SAE Aerospace International. Similar to conducting an AAI, teaching isn't a job to us ... it's a passion.  

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